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From Shockstrip Founder, Dr. Novicky:


There have been a lot of positive changes in the last several years that I'm proud to announce. I would like to share a couple of them with you.


Let's start with manufacturing. After a long search I have secured a long term deal with a local manufacturer who has and shown the ability to produce Shockstrip at the extreme high standards and quality control that is at or above industry standards that I demand. We are in the process of signing a long-term deal with a local MRDD and Down Syndrome workshop to participate in fulfillment of all orders of Shockstrip.


Well enough about that stuff. What you really want to know is the results of the 3-5-8 year study!


Why do I call it the 3-5-8 year study? Well the 3 is the number of years of the actual length of the field study that was performed with Shockstrip on player’s helmets. The 5 denotes the additional 2 years that it took to get approval or denial from the Institutional Review Board. And the 8 denotes the 3 years prior to the actual field study, of information that was used as a comparison. Hence the 3-5-8 year study.


RESULTS: After multiple hours of review and comparisons of injuries the study reveals an athlete WITHOUT Shockstrip on their helmet has a staggeringly high percentage of probability of suffering a helmet to helmet impact injury! WITH Shockstrip on their helmet that staggering number drops down to a minuscule number that substantiates there is no reason why an athlete does not have Shockstrip on their helmet!


I realize some of you were looking for exact percentages of probability of injury and probability of decrease of injury but unfortunately the paper is in peer review status at this time and I am not allowed to disclose the exact numbers at this time.


I can promise you this though the moment we receive the approval at the peer review level we will release the entire paper with everything you wanted to know and more!


I would like to personally thank you for all of the support that you have shown Shockstrip over the years! The company continues to evolve, so please stay tuned and continue to check the website every few days to see what's new!


Thank you,



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