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What is a Shockstrip®?

The patented Shockstrip® is an exterior helmet pad designed to give helmets an added layer of protection and reduce forces associated with helmet-to-helmet impacts.


How are Shockstrips adhered to the helmet? 

Shockstrips are affixed to the helmet with impact absorbent 3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape 5962 (included with strips). The adhesive withstands extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and extreme impact, and has been thoroughly tested with our product on helmets.


What if a Shockstrip® pops off during practice or a game? 
The helmet can still be worn without concern for the rest of the game or practice, as the other Shockstrips are still in intact. A Shockstrip that pops off can be replaced (if not damaged) by reapplying it using our preferred method.


I am not very handy. Are Shockstrips difficult to attach? 
Not at all. Shockstrips can be easily applied in approximately 15 minutes. Here are some videos to help you install and remove/reapply the strips.


Have Shockstrips been safety tested? 
Yes. Shockstrips have been
field and independently tested to examine the severity of impact of blows to head during helmet-to-helmet contact on helmets with Shockstrips and regular helmets without Shockstrips. In all tests, football helmets with Shockstrips performed significantly better than helmets without Shockstrips.


How long do Shockstrips last? 
Shockstrips were put through repetitive fatigue testing and showed the first signs of external wear after 10,000 hits. Because of this testing, we recommend that helmets be re-certified and reconditioned per manufacturer specifications every two years and Shockstrips reapplied.


Can Shockstrips be painted to match my team's helmet color? 
Yes. For best color matching, contact the manufacturer of your helmet to find the pantone color to match it to. If needed, you can paint the strips with the same enamel paint the helmet manufacturer uses. Remember, any painted surface that undergoes impacts is susceptible to surface chipping. Touch up chipped areas as needed. For best results, paint and let dry thoroughly before adhering to helmet.


Am I allowed to attach this device to my child’s helmet without league permission? 
Yes! Though all leagues, along with state and federal guidelines, have minimal recommendations on what a football player must wear for protection to play, both state and federal guidelines do not prohibit the use of additional padding on the helmet. And that’s exactly what Shockstrips are, external padding.

What if I am told my son or daughter cannot wear Shockstrips on their helmet during a practice, scrimmage or game by a coach or official? 
Our staff attorneys have thoroughly researched the rules and regulations, and your child cannot be stopped from wearing Shockstrips – it would be a violation of your child’s civil rights, and your right to protect your child. The National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) has deemed Shockstrip as a legal piece of equipment during sanctioned games.


Can Shockstrips interlock? 
No. Engineering, and the placement of the
strips, ensures that wearers will not interlock during play.

What happens to the helmet warranty if I use Shockstrips
Depending on the manufacturer, the application of this product may void the original helmet manufacturer warranty. Regardless, Shockstrip will warrant your helmet (with the purchase and use of Shockstrip) under normal use for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser (“Warranty Period”) provided the helmet is properly maintained by a Factory Authorized Reconditioner.


What if a player tries to tackle another player by grabbing hold of a Shockstrip? Can this happen? 
Testing was specifically performed to address this potential problem, and it was noted that no player was able to grasp the Shockstrips nor redirect or tackle a player by holding on to a Shockstrip.

How much do the Shockstrips weigh? 
Each strip weighs approximately 1.5 ounces.

Are Shockstrips made for football helmets only?
No. They can retrofit to any hockey helmet and we are looking into other helmets.


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