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Read What People Are Saying About Shockstrips!

"Congratulations on Shockstrips. Throughout my 25 years of covering all levels of sports, I have not seen a device that puts parents at ease. Over my career, I've come across other so-called "devices" for arms, leg and other parts of the body. I can honestly say Shockstrips, as evident by your factual test marketing is a proven winner!"


"I would like to thank you for all the help and interest you gave to my son (Jordan Italiano) this year with the football season. I felt the Shockstrips really help him this year. I’ve seen him take some major hits and get back up, being a key player for his team the last three years I was a little more relaxed watching him play. After talking to you about the strips I was curious so when we put them on we all were a little skeptical, even my son. He didn’t notice any difference in the way the helmet felt while wearing it, but did notice his helmet-to-helmet impacts were different. Thanks again for all your help and concerns."


"The Shockstrip is a no-brainer to me. There is hard evidence that refutes any “naysayer.” Take it from someone that didn’t want to believe in the product, “It works.” It was amazing. I cannot begin to tell you how truly blessed our program felt when we used this program. In closing, I would like to say that our entire team will definitely use the Shockstrips in the future. Dr. Novicky should be praised for his product. He and the product will be eternally appreciated by the people here in Berlin Center and Ellsworth for sharing his product with us."


"I just wanted to say that I think the Shockstrips are a great thing to have going into the football season for safety. I can personally say this because as you know the last playoff game we had against Buckeye Central, I got hit pretty hard by a free safety when I went on a go and had no way to protect myself and it turned out that I got right back in the next play. I owe it all to Shockstrip from what I think really helped. Thank you again and I hope that you can make it mandatory that every team wear them one day."


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