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Shockstrip® Exterior Helmet Pads to be Used by NYPD Finest Football

Shockstrip in Semi-Pros

Shockstrip® is a supporter of the NYPD Football Team, the first semi professional team in the US to wear Shockstrip’s bumper-like device. Finest Football’s lineup of 72 college and former professional players, all active duty patrol cops, detectives and supervisors, will use Shockstrips on their helmets during the team’s 2013 football season beginning this April. “The Finest”, one of the nation’s top semi-Pro teams, holds seven NPSFL National Championship titles. "We are thankful that Shockstrip® has made player safety their number one priority and look forward to showing Warren, Ohio just how well Shockstrip® works at the Semi-Pro level," said Tony Hernandez GM of NYPD Finest Football.

Dr. Novicky Receives Patent for Shockstrip® Invention

Dr. Steven D. Novicky is pleased to announce the issuance of US Patent No. 8,707,470 which covers the company’s Shockstrip® specialized exterior helmet pads.

The invention of the Shockstrip® concept dates back to 2010 and was created in response to the alarming number of young athletes he treated each football season at his chiropractic offices for problems associated with helmet-to-helmet impact. As a result of his extensive research and testing, the device Novicky developed has the potential to help protect youth from the looming problems often caused from participation in full contact sports.

“I’m both excited and proud,” said Dr. Steven Novicky, inventor of the Shockstrip®. "This is a key patent for the company that not only establishes Shockstrip® exterior helmet pads as the industry standard, but also establishes Shockstrip, Inc. as a leader in external helmet devices."

WKBN 27 First News:
Shockstrip Story

First Time Ever NFHS Permits Use of External Helmet Device

Shockstrip, Inc. is proud to announce the NFHS  National Federation of High School Associations has determined permissive use of the Shockstrip® (external enhancement device) is NOT a violation of NFHS Football Rules. This is the first time ever the NFHS has deemed an external helmet device for use in sanctioned games and did not consider a device an illegal piece of equipment.

Youngstown’s Dr. Novicky Positions Mahoning Valley On the Cutting Edge of a Football Revolution

This small city’s focus on football continues to provide big, history-changing products.


Dr. Steven Novicky, creator of the protective Shockstrip® exterior helmet padding, is on the cutting edge of a football revolution. Like other innovators from his hometown, including Dwight Beede – best known for the development of the penalty flag – Dr. Novicky’s idea has the potential to become a vital part of football’s future.

High School Football Team Takes Major Step to Decrease Impact with Shockstrip®

Shockstrip, Inc. is pleased to announce Youngstown East High School has elected to outfit their entire Varsity Football team with the Shockstrip® –a patent-pending sports device that was created to give helmets an added layer of protection and reduce forces associated with helmet-to-helmet impacts.

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