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Jim Everett Advocates for Shockstrip

“I am speaking from experience when I say I wish
we had Shockstrip when I was playing football! Shockstrip could have lessened and maybe eliminated most of the head impacts I took over my career.”

— Jim Everett, Former NFL Quarterback


Jim Everett is a former NFL quarterback and currently manages the Jim Everett Company, LLC, a California Registered Investment firm. In 2012, he discovered Shockstrip® on Twitter and has been an advocate for the product ever since. With 12 NFL seasons under his belt, Jim is passionate about the importance of player safety; as a father of four, he understands the importance of starting at the youth level to protect children who are just learning to play the game.

Jim graduated from Purdue in 1985 with a BS degree in Industrial Management and a minor in Computer Sciences.  In 1998, he retired from the NFL in 1998 after 12 years as one of the leagues most reliable quarterbacks, Jim pursued a graduate level education and received his Masters in Business Administration (MBA with honors) from Pepperdine University in 2000.  Following graduation, Jim became a Registered Investment Advisor and launched his own firm in April of 2001.  The Jim Everett Company is a California Registered Investment firm that provides Families, Trusts, Foundations and Corporations with disciplined, diversified and comprehensive asset management programs.  Jim and his wife, Rachel, and their four children currently live in Orange County, CA and continue to help support their Catholic faith, the youth and underprivileged in their local community.

PLEASE NOTE: 1) No helmet pad can prevent or eliminate the risk of concussions or other serious head injuries while playing sports; 2) Scientists have also not reached agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to concussions; and 3) No conclusions about a reduction of risk or severity of concussive injury should be drawn from impact absorption tests.

Shockstrip® Exterior Helmet Pads to be Used by NYPD Finest Football

Finest Becomes First Semi-Professional Team to Wear New Device

Canfield, OH – March 7, 2013:  Shockstrip®, Inc., specialized exterior helmet pads designed to give helmets an added layer of cushion and to reduce forces associated with the impact of helmet-to-helmet contact, will be used this season by NYPD Finest Football, the New York Police Department’s semi-professional football team, the company announced today. Previously, high school athletes across the country on 28 teams in 13 states have utilized the safety pads, which are affixed to the outside of the football helmet. NYPD Finest Football, comprised of former NFL and NCAA athletes, is the first semi-pro team to use the bumper-like device.

Shockstrip®, launched in 2010 by Dr. Steven Novicky, was created as a tool designed to cushion the forces of helmet-to-helmet impacts by decreasing the rate of head acceleration. Made of the proprietary AKTON® Xi75 polymer, a medical grade material with the primary function of absorption, deflection and sound deadening from helmet collisions, Shockstrips are similar to auto bumpers providing added safety to passengers in a car. Shockstrips can be affixed to the outside of virtually any helmet for extra protection.

“We are thrilled that the NYPD Finest Football Team is taking a leadership role for player safety by using Shockstrips,” said Dr. Novicky, founder and CEO of Shockstrip®, Inc. “High school coaches and teams across the country have used Shockstrips for the past two years and now the New York’s Finest Football team can stand as an example of the importance of proper protection and safety measures, especially for children learning the game of football.”


WTOV Channel 9 Steubenville - Wheeling News

— WTOV Channel 9 Steubenville-Wheeling News interview with Dr. Novicky during the 2012 OVAC All-Star Game

Original Air Date July 29, 2012 – WTOV Channel 9 Steubenville-Wheeling News interviewed Dr. Steven Novicky, creator of Shockstrip® external helmet pads about his device during their coverage of the 67th annual Rudy Mumley OVAC (Ohio Valley Athletic Conference) All-Star Charity Football Classic at Wheeling Island Stadium in Wheeling, WV. Each squad was comprised of 33 of the finest high school senior players from Ohio and West Virginia, including two players from Steubenville High School who wore Shockstrips during the game!

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